Complete Taxation Service For Clients

At Cogent we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients in dealing with complex transactions and issues. The availability of legal expertise greatly enhances the level and extent of the service we provide to our clients. We provide taxation consultancy services in the following:

  • Pre-Revenue audit check
  • Preparation of voluntary disclosures
  • Negotiating audit settlement to minimise potential penalties
  • Interact with the Revenue Commissioners on client’s behalf
  • Expediting repayment claims
  • Clarifying technical tax points
  • Appealing points of dispute and representing clients at Appeal Hearings
  • Timely registration for VAT and other taxes
  • Advice on how to maintain VAT records
  • Industry focused business reviews and VAT planning
  • Obtaining VAT rulings
  • Advice on the VAT implications of transactions

Pensions are one of the few remaining tax shelter options for the Personal and Corporate tax payer. While Cogent Taxation Group is not a pension broker we work in conjunction with our client’s pension advisors on the following;

  • Review of pension options in conjunction with pension advisers
  • Assessing optimal pension payment structure for clients
  • Comparison of pension schemes e.g. occupational pension schemes, self administered pension schemes, pension backed mortgages, PRSAs and other private pensions
  • Negotiating debt funding in pensions structures to allow clients to maximise pension benefits in the future within Revenue rules
  • Advice on the most appropriate time to draw down pension funds taking into account other taxable income streams.

Personal Tax

Some of the key personal tax issues which we can help you with include:

Our personal tax specialists provide the following services;

  • Completion of annual tax returns
  • Calculation of tax liability
  • Pension planning
  • Wealth preservation and maximisation

CGT may arise if you dispose of or transfer an asset.  We provide the following services:

  • Preparing Capital Gains Tax computations in relation to disposals of assets
  • Advising on payment dates
  • Advising on various reliefs available and maximising the availability of those reliefs
  • Planning in advance of disposals to maximise the reliefs available
  • Completion of annual tax returns, advice on tax payments and tax shelters
  • Advising on Close Company tax issues

We advise on the stamp duty implications of various transfers including property transfers.