Business Reorganisations and Succession Planning

We work with clients on structured property transactions. We have experience in managing investment property and related projects ranging from Holiday Homes, Nursing Homes, EII schemes to Wind Farms.

  • We will allow you to take your business to the next level by finding strategic partners, arranging finance and finding key investors for your project.
  • We will also advise on efficient Tax Structures and can manage ongoing project work from the date planning permission is granted through to the individual sale to the investor.
  • We have been able to successfully conclude many attractive property deals in recent years. We match investors to the various tax properties available and determine the benefit for those investors of such an investment in their overall portfolios.

We are active in the following major areas:

  • Buy-Outs/ Buy-Ins
  • Takeovers, joint ventures, re-organisations, mergers and acquisitions and de-mergers
  • Structuring businesses to minimise the impact of corporation tax and personal tax for directors
  • Dividend planning between associated companies and group companies
  • Cash extraction from businesses in a tax effective manner
  • Wealth accumulation strategies
  • Family Business, Retirement and succession planning
  • Wills and Inheritances
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax planning as is relevant to each case
  • Planning and restructuring of businesses as may be required to maximise available reliefs in succession cases
  • Submitting relevant tax returns to Revenue in the administration of estates and trusts
  • Use of trusts in succession planning